Growth Groups

FALL LAUNCH:  September 24th through October 29th

Our discipleship process at King of Glory is:
KNOW  Christ
GROW  in Christ
GO          in Christ

Growth Groups are the next step after KNOW in our discipleship process. Spiritual growth is stunted when Christians think that the Christian life only consists of one hour of Worship on Sunday morning.  Spiritual growth happens in the context of community. Growth Groups are focused on developing a strong network of friends that help and challenge us to become more like Jesus Christ. Growth groups offer a balance of fellowship, Bible study, prayer, encouragement and mission in an informal environment.

What is a Growth Group? 
Growth Groups offer a place to form strong friendships, grow in God’s Word and positively impact the world.

 Couples, men’s, women’s, singles, life stage and blended groups. 

When: This Growth Group series coincides with our Reformation Sermon Series, and will run roughly from September 24th through October 29th.  The series is best experienced with weekly Growth Group meetings, but each Growth Group has flexibility to make adjustments.  Since each Growth Group determines their own meeting time, the exact dates will vary.

: Each Growth Group decides what will work best for them. Groups will meet at a variety of times and locations – on the KOG campus, in homes, coffee shops, etc.

:  6 weeks to start.  Other congregations find that they have some groups that keep meeting and stay together for years.  It’s up to your group on how long you want to continue meeting.

:  Usually a Growth Group has anywhere from 4-12 people.

What Makes a Healthy Growth Group? 

The Essentials of Growth Groups: 
We GROW in Growth Groups.  Four key ingredients should be a part of every Growth Group:

  • The Word of God: Whether we study straight from the Bible or study the Bible through devotional books/guides, we are committed to growing from the Word of God in Christ.

  • Growth: We are here because we want to grow and see our lives transformed to be more like Christ. As part of this growth we commit to pray for each other. We seek to encourage each other and hold each other accountable in the steps of our discipleship process: KNOW-GROW-GO.

  • Acceptance: As members of this Growth Group we seek to accept each other unconditionally as Christ does each of us, seeking to build strong friendships rooted in Christ.

  • Confidentiality: Everything shared in this group stays with this group.  Gossip and slander are unacceptable. Like Christ we seek the best for each other.

Growth Group Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be child care in our group? Childcare will be provided during our Lenten Wednesday night study.  Childcare may be available at other times, but only if you join a group that can offer it. These groups will generally have H.O.S.T.’s that have young children themselves. It will most likely be an older sibling or neighbor who watches the younger kids.

Will it cost me anything? 
Our initial launch of Growth Groups costs you nothing.  Should your group decide to continue meeting beyond our initial 6-week program, groups may decide upon a curriculum that needs purchasing, in which case a nominal fee may be requested. 

What time and day/night of the week will we meet? 
All groups are different. You will be placed in a group that best suits your needs. Some groups meet every week, some groups meet 2X per month, although the curriculum will coincide with the sermon series which is presented each week.

Can I join a group on my own, or will you place me in a group? 
Both. If you know of someone who is HOSTing a group, please talk with them about being in their group. If you don’t, we will place you based on your needs.

How long are the meetings? 
1 ½ - 2 hours, but depending on group decisions could be longer or shorter. 

What is the duration of the study? 
Some groups will meet for a limited time, others go on for years. The “Re-formed” study is a six-week commitment.

What if I can’t attend every week? 
We will do our best to place you in a Growth Group that can accommodate your schedule. If you should miss a week, you will have your own study guide, and the links to the weekly video are available online. Our time as a Growth Group is important for all of us, but don’t let your busy schedule stop you from participating.

Growth Group Study Schedule:

  • The weekly theme for each chapter of this six-week study will be introduced during the Sunday message at church. 
  • The study includes a video to accompany each chapter.  If you are participating in our Wednesday night study during Lent, the video will be shown during our time of worship together.  The video is available on DVD and online for Growth Groups meeting at other times.

Below are the theme and date (Sunday) for each week. 
Conscience Re-Formed      September 24
Identity Re-Formed           October 1
Authority Re-Formed        October 8
Justice Re-Formed             October 15
Peace Re-Formed               October 22
A Life Re-Formed               October 29

Click here for the online Growth Group Registration Form

VIDEOS AND STUDY GUIDE: Re-Formed Study Videos and Study Guide can be accessed here.